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Metalworking, control, analytical and laboratory equipment

especESPEC Group

Modern equipment for laboratory tests and research in extreme conditions of humidity, temperature and pressure (climatic chambers of heat-cold and heat-cold-moisture, chamber of thermocirculation, thermal-vacuum chamber, thermal shock chambers and special test chambers, industrial and drying ovens).


Communicating high temperature and retort furnaces with radiation, gas and electric heating. Air circulation chamber furnaces for thermal cleaning. Catalytic and thermal afterburning systems. Gradient, broaching and laboratory furnaces. Installation to improve the parameters of steels and non-ferrous metals.

mazakYAMAZAKI MAZAK Corporation

High-precision industrial machines, lathe multi-purpose centers, CNC double column, horizontal machining centers and laser cutting machinery. Flexible production systems and means of industrial automation with full machining. Industrial software production.

jeolJEOL Ltd.

Scientific instruments for high level research and development work (observation and analysis, the study of the environment, information technology, semiconductors, biotechnology and nanotechnology). Translucent, analytical and scanning electron microscopes, electrotherapy micro-analyzers, microsonde and photoelectron spectrometers.

agilentAgilent Technologies

High-precision measuring and test equipment: oscilloscopes, signal generators, power meters, spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers, power supplies, multimeters, clamp meters, voltmeters, frequency standards, analyzers of chains, measuring parameters of antennas and noise ratio, measuring parameters of RF and microwave signals, computer aided design, optical measurements, logic analyzers, recorders, and data acquisition systems, options and probes, applications for oscilloscopes, measurement tools and accessories for signal analyzers.

metlerMETTLER TOLEDO International Inc.

Analytical and high precision laboratory balances, mass comparators and moisture analyzers. X-ray and metal detectors, electrochemical analytical systems, industrial and laboratory analytical instruments.

fujikuraFUJIKURA Group

Welding machines, equipment for the installation of fiber optic cable, fiber optic transmission systems, electrical systems, single-mode and multimode optical fiber and cable, electrical components, power, energy, wire coating, winding wire for electromagnets, electrical components for industrial equipment and metal components.

shimadzuSHIMADZU Corporation

Analytical, measuring and test equipment for scientific laboratories and test centers. X-ray equipment. Diagnostic and medical equipment for analytical and medical research with a wide selection of specialized and universal laboratory equipment and software.

teledyneTELEDYNE LeCroy

Instrumentation and analytical equipment: oscilloscopes, analyzers, flow generators, spectrum analyzers, analyzers of chains and archival series.

srsSRS Stanford Research Systems, Inc.

Precision measurement and testing equipment for scientific research and development. The main products manufactured by the company are instruments for scientific researches (photon counting detectors, high voltage power supplies, digital integrators, devices for accurate measurement of time and frequency. Measuring General purpose RLC meters, FFT analyzers, signal generators arbitrary waveform with ultralow distortion), vacuum and analytical equipment and devices (lasers, detectors, etc.).

angelantoniANGELANTONI Test Technologies

Clean environment equipment, as well as for processing and dispensing of non-sterile powders and/or volatile substances. Weighing and the preparation of pharmaceutical medications.

carverCARVER Inc.

Laboratory presses for processing different types of materials: composite materials for aircraft industry, structural materials, powder materials, rubbers, elastomers, thermoplastics and thermosets. Hydraulic laboratory presses are used in laboratories to determine such physical properties as the limit of compressive strength, flexural strength, shear strength. Hydraulic presses are equipped with plate heating and cooling digital controller, required for accurate speed adjustment of heating and cooling.

carverCLIMATS Technologies

Environmental test chambers, equipment for simulating different environments and conditions. The firm offers a wide range of laboratory and drying ovens, laboratory and industrial furnaces, climatic and temperature chambers, thermal shock and circulation chambers.


A wide range of products includes welding machines, feeder, wire, welding consumables, personal protective equipment – all that you may need when welding by electrodes or by powder, by wire or gas shielded. Optimally adapted to customer needs.

flukeFLUKE Corporation

Full range of digital multimeters, power analyzers, thermal imagers, testers, insulation resistance sets and portable measuring devices. Diagnosis and troubleshooting of complex modern systems devices. Professional measuring devices are used Fluke electricians, maintenance technicians of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems, engineers and consultants in the power quality. Fluke is a world leader in the production of biomedical measuring and simulating equipment, including electrical safety testers, simulators, patients, performance analyzers and fully integrated and automated system documentation and performance measurement.

hanwhaHanwha Machinery Co. Ltd.

Automated manufacturing systems and machine tools, high-performance bar turning CNC-machines with movable front headstock "Swiss-type". The machines of this company are unique in their technological capabilities. With the help of Swiss-type lathes to perform machining of bars from 1 to 45 mm to perform simultaneous multi-axis (up to 10) and multi-instrumental processing of parts on both spindles.

leadwellLEADWELL CNC Machines

Metalworking CNC-machines manufactured by Leadwell are of high cutting speed, positioning accuracy and exceptional reliability. And, most important in the Russian context - a price that is significantly lower than the prices European, American and Japanese manufacturers of similar equipment with comparable quality and reliability.

spinnerSPINNER Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH

A wide range of turning and milling machines with CNC. Cheap machines for simple CNC-machining and complex multi-axis machines for the ultimate performance. Special equipment machines for ultrahigh precision treatment products. Individual machines with fast changeover for small batch production and complete automation for mass production – “turn-key projects".

tektronixTEKTRONIX Inc.

The company develops solutions for test, measurement and monitoring, accelerating the innovation process. Tektronix is a leading global supplier of test and measurement equipment: oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, generators, analyzers and signal monitors (spectrum of signal), as well as systems and services for communications, computer and semiconductor industries and for aerospace and defense spheres, consumer electronics, education and other industries.

trotecTROTEC Laser

High-tech laser equipment for processing of various materials: plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, etc. (acrylic, paper, delrin, stone, rubber, foam, film, foil and textile). Laser engravers, cutters, electroforming marking stations and laser machines for special tasks.

zundarZundar Technology

A wide range of climatic and test equipment: climatic and environmental test chambers, high temperature ovens, thermal shock chambers and cameras, salt corrosion, dust and rain cameras. In addition to standard products, the company also produces a variety of complex camera according to the special requirements of the customer, including the vacuum and low temperature and vibration test chambers and wind tunnel.

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